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Presentations on Promotion, Publishing and The Media

Presentations on Wellness, Science and Parenting

Future Cures: Fast, Cheap, Radical, Effective - Hear Dawson Speak on Future Cures!

Medicine and psychotherapy have changed radically in the last century. A major shift has been in the length of time healing processes are expected to take. Average hospital stays for some procedures are a third of the length they were twenty years ago. New noninvasive surgical techniques damage the body much less than the radical surgeries of old. In the field of alternative medicine, there are therapies that promise equally dramatic results. What are some of these, how do they work, and when do you use them? This seminar explores some of the most leading-edge applications, their origins, and possible causes for their effectivness. It goes into detail about one such therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, and provides participants with some hands-on experience and simple summary techniques that they can take away with them. Click here for full description of the Future Cures workshop.

The Genie in Your Genes

The idea that "your thoughts create your reality" has gone from a metaphysical article of faith fifty years ago, to the object of serious scientific scrutiny today. A series of remarkable experiments, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, chronicle the effects of consciousnes on the DNA molecule, and demonstrate that marked molecular changes are observed when an observer's intentions are projected into the molecules. This talk crystallizes the ideas contained in the 100+ studies Dawson reviews in his forthcoming book The Genie in Your Genes. This is one of the first books to lay out in detail the precise physiological mechanisms at work in electromagnetic healing, and presents their stunning implications for the future of your health, and the practice of healthcare. Click here for full description of The Genie in Your Genes address.

Soul Medicine - Listen to Dawson on What is 21st Century Spirituality for You?

Built around Dawson Church's authoritative new book Soul Medicine (co-authored with Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.), this presentation summarizes the exciting new scientific studies are giving us proof of the amazing healing effects of belief, prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice. The field of energy medicine is exploding, and many of its best practices are being merged with mainstream medical treatments in the form of "integrative medicine." This workshop examines some of those scientific experiments in depth, and points out new trends in healing that will utterly transform medicine as we know it in the course of the next decade. It ends with a demonstration of two remarkable methods, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Attunement, and gives participants some practical tools they can take home and use on their healing journeys. Click here for full description of the Soul Medicine workshop.

Answers from Your Child's Soul

This presentation throws out a lifeline to parents wrestling with behavioral or attitude problems in their children, to parents who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant, and to people who are yearning to resolve old woulds from their childhood. It walks participants through a series of simple yet profoundly effective techniques they can use to connect, soul-to-soul, with an unborn child, a problem child, or the essence of divine Mother and divine Father within. Based on tried and true Energy Medicine practices and principles from Dawson Church's book Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child (Elite, 2005), it applies them to adult-child problems in the real world, and gives participants access to a field of knowledge from their own souls, the souls of their parents and children, and the Great Souls who have walked the parenting journey before us. Click here for full description of the Child's Soul workshop.

 Presentations on Promotion, Publishing and The Media

Reclaiming the Media as a Force for Positive Change

"If it bleeds, it leads." So goes the infamous refrain of the mainstream media. The bigger the tragedy, the greater the coverage. This utterly warped priority both reflects and shapes the values of the larger society. This seminar looks at the socio-biological evolution of humans, and the nervous system we have developed, and why our physiology makes us such good receptors for bad news and such poor receptors for good news. It examines subtle cultural values that reinforce this tendency. For example, in the nineties, violent crime in America dropped precipitously while crime coverage increased: citizens' perception of the dangers of the world increased too. Finally, it shows how all outer change starts with inner change, and the key to a change in the outer reportage of society comes from a change in the consciousness of the individuals within that society. Click here for full description of the Media workshop.

Today's Twenty Best Online Marketing Practices

The marketing approaches that were effective ten years ago are often ineffective today. And today's most effective online techniques have just recently been invented. What are some of the techniques - unknown five years ago - that online marketers use to sell millions of dollars of their products and services today? Some of them are very simple, and also surprisingly low-cost. They are easy to apply and execute for the small business provider of goods or services. Dawson Church is a keen student of the most innovative new techniques, and presents them in brief form in this 90 minute address. Click here for the course notes for the Online Marketing Practices talk.

Success Secrets of Best-Selling Authors -
And How You Can Use Them to Promote Any Business

John Gray is the best-selling non-fiction author of the last decade. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield have sold tens of millions of copies of their Chicken Soup series. What are some of the techniques they've used to generate such phenomenal success? The answers will surprise you. Some of them are very simple, and you can start applying them to gain increased sales for your product or service today. Although their techniques are used to promote their web sites, seminars, media appearances, and books, they are applicable to everyone's goods and services - and contain a rich store of practical and accessible information to enhance your business, no matter what kind of business you're in. From his experience with best-selling authors, Dawson Church presents their methods in this 90 minute address. Click here for the course notes for the Success Secrets talk.

Writing a Book Proposal Straight From Your Soul

What is the message you were born to share with the world? What piece of your soul is longing to speak out in the form of a book or essay? Do you have a manuscript started? Have you always dreamed of writing a book?The way that agents and publishers evaluate potential books is via the book proposal. This class covers the nuts and bolts of writing an eye-grabbing proposal. But it does far more. It shows you how to tune into your essence, and write a proposal and a manuscript that is true to your most authentic inner voice. Click here for a detailed description of the Book Proposal Workshop.

The Four Paths to Publication

There are four main paths to getting published. They are big publishers, independent presses, self-publishing, and print-on-demand (POD). There's no one-size-fits-all for manuscripts; each type of publishing has its place. The discriminating author knows which of his or her proposals to shop around to big publishers, and which ones to place elsewhere. In order to make an intelligent decision, the author needs to have a good base of knowledge about the pros and cons of all four. This class covers the background information every author must know in order to use his or her time wisely, and determine the best possible channels for effective publication of that particular book. Click here for a full description of the Four Paths to Publication workshop.

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